Solar Panel Kits. Premium. MPPT

Solar panel kits. Premium. MPPT. For motorhomes, sailing boats and narrowboats.

Combining high performance, German designed solar panels with MPPT charge controller technology.

How to choose an MPPT solar panel kit. Read on...
These kits can be installed with ease by the average DIY enthusiast.

What is MPPT?

Mean Power Point Tracking is a technology which can extract between 10% and 30% more power from your solar panels depending on conditions e.g. in low to medium sunlight, or when your battery is particularly low on charge.  To take full advantage of the extra power available our kits use special MPPT charge controllers and heavy duty cables.

If you want to charge both engine and leisure batteries take a look at SunWorks MPPT dual battery solar panel kits. These are designed to charge both your engine and leisure batteries from the same solar panel.

What do the kits contain?

SunWorks MPPT solar panel kits provide the main items required to install solar power on your vehicle or boat. Each kit contains one or more solar panels, the appropriate MPPT charge controller, and the correct cable with the connectors already attached. These kits are the one-stop way to a secure and efficient solar panel installation.

Also in the kits are full instructions with illustrations, and our recommendations for a professional looking installation.

Our kits are also available with semi-flexible solar panels.

What size of solar panel do I need?

Trickle charging your batteries can usually be achieved using a 50 watt solar panel. This size of solar panel will keep your batteries in good condition from Spring through to Autumn. 50 watts is the most popular size of solar panel fitted to sailing boats.

If you want enough power to maintain your batteries and power some appliances we advise fitting a 100 watt panel. This will give you a significant amount of power in the summer months and more reliable charging during the winter. 100 watts is the most popular size of solar panel fitted to motorhomes.

If you are interested in becoming independent of the mains hook-up you should consider fitting a 200 watt system. A 200 watt array is the most popular size of solar panel system fitted to narrowboats.

Examples of suitable solar panel kits:

1. You only want to trickle charge your batteries but need to do this reliably during summer and winter. Choose a 100-MPPT-DE kit. This kit will also power many appliances during the summer months.

2. You want to be independent of the mains hookup. Choose a 200-MPPT-DE kit.

Do I need anything else?

Each installation is different. Therefore our kits contain the essential electrical items, carefully matched to work efficiently together. You may also need:

Corner mounts. Strong PVC mountings to secure your solar panel.

Aluminium Z-brackets. An alternative to the PVC corner mounts. Can be screwed and glued.

Adjustable mounting frame. These frames allow you to tilt the solar panel up to face the Sun directly. Electricity yield will increase by up to 50%. The frame can be adapted to the curved cabin top of a narrowboat using our adjustable mounting feet.  NOT recommended for use on motorhomes.

Sikaflex 252i adhesive. For fixing the solar panel mounts, and sealing the watertight gland.

Watertight deck gland. Takes the cable securely through to the interior.

Fused battery harness. Makes the connection to your battery safe and easy.
The range below represents just a few of the kits we can supply. Please contact us if you would like more information. If you prefer, download the SunWorks installation guides. Available on our homepage.

Solar panel kits. Premium. MPPT.

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