60 Watts Solar Panel. Shingle cells


Highly efficient but low cost solar panel. Monocrystalline, 60 watts

Latest “Shingled” welding process, no unsightly cell connections. Beautiful and reliable

Waterproof for permanent outdoor use

UK summer months: power for running an ipad, lights, pumps and more….

UK winter months: reliable battery maintenance

Works well with engine and leisure dual battery charge controllers



Economical solar panel for motorhomes and boats. 60 watts.

Highly efficient economical solar panel for motorhomes, boats and all 12 volt battery charging applications.

  • Excellent performance under low light conditions (mornings, evenings, and  cloudy days)
  • Optimal charging of all 12 volt battery types
  • Tempered low iron solar glass for protection and optical efficiency
  • Latest “Shingled” welding process, no unsightly cell connections. Beautiful and reliable
  • 50 cm of double-insulated solar cable with MC4 solar connectors
  • Guarantee
    • 5 year materials and construction
    • 25 year power output guaranteed to 80%
  • Waterproof for permanent outdoor use
  • CE and TUV certification
  • Total size: 1050 x 350 x 30 mm

These solar panels are manufactured using high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon cells. They provide excellent charging even on cloudy days.

During the summer months in the UK these panels will provide plenty of power for running a ipad, lights, pumps and more…

Suitable for reliable winter maintenance of your leisure battery and your engine battery (if used with a DB1C Dual Battery Charge Controller).

Reduces the need for a mains connection.

This low cost solar panel works very well with the SunWorks SB1C charge controller , or the DB1C dual battery charge controller.  These charge controllers have bright clear LCD displays to provide detailed information on your solar system performance.

Suitable SunWorks Charge Controllers:

Mounting Accessories:

To mount this solar panel on a roof or on a deck, we recommend the following items:

Other Accessories:

To make a secure and watertight connection through a roof or deck:

To simplify the electrical connections to your battery and charge controller:

For more information about using solar panels on your motorhome, boat or caravan, please download one of our free guides. See our homepage for more details.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 3.9 kg
Shipping Dimensions 110 × 40 × 5 cm
Maximum power at STC (Wp)

60 Watts

Current at maximum power (Imp)

3.21 Amps

Voltage at maximum power (Vmp)

18.7 Volts

Open-circuit voltage (Voc)

22.1 Volts

Short-circuit current (Isc)

3.73 Amps

Panel weight

4.5 kg

Panel dimensions

1050 x 350 x 30 mm

Cell type

Shingle cells, Monocrystalline

Operating temperature

-40 degC to +85 degC


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