Solara S170P43. Yacht Solar Panel 41 Watts. Marine module.


Robust construction. Can withstand the harshest of weather conditions

Innovative cell-chaining technique means this panel is semi-flexible, up to 3%

Nowoflon protective film on front and back. An extremely tough surface coating

Can be walked when glued to a firm surface

Particularly flat. Suitable for glued and screwed mounting

Seawater-proof cable outlet with strain relief

Unique serial number on the front of the panel

UK summer months: a good charge for your leisure or engine battery

Top quality German manufacturer. Guaranteed for 5 years

Available on backorder


Solara S170P43. Yacht Solar Panel 41 Watts.

This super-efficient Solara S170P43 yacht solar panel, part of the Solara M Series, was specially developed for maritime use, such as on boats, yachts, buoys and life rafts. If mounted on a solid base, it can be walked on without any risk of breakage. As the panel is bendable by up to 3%, it is also ideally suited for mounting on slightly curved surfaces.

The panel is assembled with very high efficiency mono-crystalline cells encased in a tough seawater-proof module.

The 43 individual cells give a consistently high electrical yield in low-light conditions, and in the diffuse light of autumn and winter.

The panel can be fastened in place with screws and glue. The mounting holes also allow easy attachment to a bimini-top, for example.

Solara thoroughly test each individual solar panel for operational reliability, weather resistance and long-term endurance.

  • Mono-crystalline high-performance cells for maximum electrical yields
  • Shatter-proof thanks to an embedded aluminium mounting plate.
  • Nowoflon film on the back and front. An especially tough, shock-resistant panel surface.
  • Seawater-proof protective embedding for the solar cells
  • Rugged, sealed flat cable port, seawater-proof for maritime use
  • Innovative cell-chaining technology facilitates mounting on curved surfaces (up to 3%)
  • Easy installation with screws and glue
  • 43 cells especially good for low-light charging. Suitable for all 12 Volt yacht battery types
  • Double-insulated solar cable
  • CE certification
  • Size: 654 x 481 x 4 mm

During the summer months in the UK this panel will provide a good charge to your leisure battery or engine battery.

Use the Solara S170P43 with the SunWorks SB0 charge controller for a low-cost fit-and-forget battery charging system.

Alternatively, this yacht solar panel can be used with the SunWorks SB1C charge controller. This controller has a large clear LCD display providing detailed information on your solar system performance.

This panel is also suitable for use with the SunWorks dual battery charge controller DB1C. Use this controller to charge both your engine and domestic batteries from just one solar panel.

Suitable SunWorks charge controllers:

Mounting accessories:

To mount this yacht solar panel on the deck of your boat, we recommend the following item:

Other accessories:

The cable from the Solara S170P43 solar panel can be taken straight through the deck, with a suitable sealing compound such as Sikaflex 252i.

But if you need to connect two or more of these panels together and make a secure and watertight connection through the deck of your yacht:

To simplify the electrical connections to your battery and charge controller:

For more information about using solar panels on your yacht or boat please download our free installation guide. Available on our homepage.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 3.1 kg
Shipping Dimensions 70 × 58 × 2 cm


Panel weight

2.2 Kgs

Panel dimensions

654 x 481 x 4 mm

Cell type

Marine monocrystalline

Maximum power at STC (Wp)

41 Watts

Open-circuit voltage (Voc)

27.13 Volts

Voltage at maximum power (Vmp)

22.88 Volts

Current at maximum power (Imp)

1.81 Amps

Short-circuit current (Isc)

1.92 Amps


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