Sprayhood or bimini attachment


Strong sprayhood or bimini attachment points for flexible and semi-flexible solar panels.

For permanent or removable attachment of the solar panel.

Sold in packs of 2.


Bimini or sprayhood solar panel attachments

Strong and secure bimini and sprayhood solar panel attachments. Intended for flexible and semi-flexible solar panels. Can be used for permanent attachment or for removable attachment of the solar panel.

Each attachment comprises two recessed silicon rubber disks fastened together with a stainless screw, washer, locking nut or wingnut. The canvas is sandwiched between the two disks. We recommend the use of a little silicon sealant on each side of the canvas to ensure a watertight fixing.

Manufactured in stainless steel and tough black silicon rubber. Set of 2.

Complete with stainless steel bolts, wingnuts, lock-nuts and washers. Ready for mounting your flexible solar panel to canvas or fabric sprayhoods, biminis etc..

Suitable for solar panels up to 5 mm thick.

Sold in pairs.

For panels of up to 50 watts, two pairs of these attachments are required i.e. one attachment for each corner.

For panels of 100 watts or larger we recommend using at least three pairs.

Silicon rubber pads: 64 mm diameter, 5.5 mm thick.

Stainless steel screws: M6 x 20 mm long.

NB: a 6 mm hole has to be made in the canvas at each attachment point.

NB: flexible solar panels must not be drilled through the active solar cell or connection areas of the panel.

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