Solar Panel Mounting Brackets


Strong Aluminium Alloy mounting brackets for Rigid Solar Panels. Set of 4, complete with with stainless steel bolts, washers, locking washers and nuts.



Aluminium solar panel mounting brackets

Substantial Aluminium Alloy solar panel mounting brackets. Complete with stainless steel bolts ready for mounting one solar panel to the deck of your Narrowboat or Yacht. Set of 4.

Complete with Stainless Steel bolts, nuts, washers and locking washers. QTY 8 of each.

Great for use where space is at a premium. These brackets are suitable for most rigid aluminium framed solar panels and make a strong, secure and tidy installation on your yacht or narrowboat.

For panels of up to 100 watts, only one set of these brackets are required.

For panels of up to 200 watts we recommend using two sets of brackets for each panel.

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