Solar installation accessories

Solar installation accessories for narrowboats and canal boats.

Mounting hardware, cables, adhesive, fuses etc.. All the extra parts needed for a successful solar panel installation.

Solar panel accessories

Your solar panel can be fixed permanently  to the deck of your narrowboat, or simply taken outside when you most need it. In either case, having the correct cables, connectors and mounting hardware is important for a secure and reliable solar panel installation.

Fitting a solar panel to a curved deck.

If you are fitting rigid framed solar panels, have a look at our adjustable mounting frames. These allow the solar panels to be tilted up at an angle to face the Sun directly. Pointing the panel directly at the Sun increases its output dramatically. Using our adjustable mounting feet you can adapt these frames to fit on a curved cabin top or deck.

Alternatively consider using a semi-flexible solar panel.

Fitting semi-flexible solar panels

Semi-flexible solar panels can be attached directly to the cabin top using Sikaflex 252i adhesive. These panels are only 3 mm thick and so do not interfere with ropes or mooring lines. They can be bent up to 30% to accommodate the curve of most decks and cabin tops.

We are constantly adding to our range of accessories. Please contact us if you do not see what you need.

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