Solar power for expats in France and Spain

fitting a solar panels system for expats in France

Thinking about fitting a solar panel system to your motorhome, boat or caravan?

Especially for expats in France, Spain and the EU.

We have English staff located in France who can help expats in France and the EU with every aspect of fitting a solar panel system, including installation. Getting the system right and helping with your technical concerns is our speciality. Browse through our shop and help pages and contact us with your ideas.

“Whilst travelling down through France in our newly acquired campervan, we realised that the leisure battery was not up to the job of maintaining the 12 volt only fridge overnight and the battery was going completely flat by the morning. After a quick recky on google, we came across Sunworks, who are based in the UK and near Cognac in France. We phoned Tony of Sunworks to see if they had time to fit solar panels and a controller on our campervan while we were still on our travels. Tony couldn’t have been more accommodating, so we took a slight detour and Sunworks did an exceptionally neat installation, consulting us along the way about various options they could provide. As we had to wait in a small French village while the work went ahead, they were also very good hosts for the day. I was attracted by the fact that Sunworks use high quality German made panels. Since the installation, the solar panels have proved very efficient and reliable and the controller gives an accurate reading of the state of charge, current being produced, etc. I’d highly recommend Sunworks if you are looking for a solar panel installation in the UK or France. Or if you just wish to purchase on-line and install yourself, Sunworks provides very good technical after sales advice.” R. Bennett.

Taking advantage of the great continental weather is a wonderful idea. Travelling around the French countryside, or along the warm Mediterranean coast is a delight never to be forgotten. In France and Spain especially, there are thousands of ‘Aires’ that you can stay on for free, and if you are members of France Passion¬†or Espana Discovery, there are hundreds of vineyards and organic producers of all types who will give you an overnight parking space free of charge.

Free accommodation like this is certainly very beneficial and an exciting way to enjoy your holiday. But you will need to be self sufficient in terms of food, water and certainly electricity. Fitting a solar panel system to your mobile home or boat will keep your batteries topped up ready for that relaxed overnight stop.

We can deliver quickly straight to your door from our warehouse in France, wherever you are. Our instruction sheets are in English and are easy to follow. Most of all we provide a fast and efficient after-sales service.

Contact us if you need a quotation for fitting a solar panel system to your motorhome or campervan. We accept all credit cards and can process your order in Euros or in Pounds Sterling. We are here to help.

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