Solar Panel Mounting and Installation

Install your solar panel correctly with our range of accessories.

Mounting hardware, cables, adhesives, fuses etc.. All the extra parts needed for successfully installing a solar panel system.

Selecting the correct solar panel installation accessories. Read on...

Solar panels can be installed permanently to any solid surface. A permanently mounted solar panel takes a little time to install but will work completely automatically. If you do not want to install the panel permanently you can use a portable solar panel. Simply set it up outside, just when you need it.

When installing a solar panel, having the correct cables, connectors and mounting hardware is important for a secure and reliable system. We are constantly adding to our range of accessories, carefully chosen to give reliable service.

How do I attach a solar panel?

How do I connect my solar panel?

All SunWorks solar panels have solar cables already attached. These terminate in standard MC4 connectors. Use our ready made cables (complete with matching MC4 connections) to connect the solar panel to the charge controller.

The connection to the battery must always be fitted with a fuse. Using the SunWorks battery harness makes this job easy.

What else do I need when installing a solar panel?

Bringing the cable from the solar panel through to the inside of the vehicle or boat involves making a watertight connection. The best way to seal this connection is to use a watertight gland or box. SunWorks offers a range of these items. Contact us if you are not sure which is best for your system.

Finally. Tidy up your wiring with our self adhesive cable ties and pads. Use the waterproof variety outside (the white ones), and the standard black ties for the inside.

Please contact us if you do not see what you need, or if you would simply like to talk about your solar panel project.

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