Solar Panels for Motorhomes

Fitting solar panels for motorhomes and campervans. A simple way to keep all your batteries charged up ready for use. Free energy from the Sun captured by the solar panel and converted into usable electricity.

solar panels for motorhomes

SunWorks rigid framed solar panel

Solar panels for motorhomes:

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So how do you fit a solar panel to your motorhome and what do you need? Selecting a solar panel system is very straightforward and we will guide you through the process.

Installing a solar panel: DIY or professional?

If you have reasonable DIY skills and some spare time, you can install a motorhome solar panel system yourself.

If you want to use a professional installer we recommend you ask your local car body shop or garage if they can fit a solar panel system for you. We can provide everything they will need including full illustrated instructions.

Solar panels for motorhomes. Where to begin?

Motorhome solar panels

SunWorks dual battery solar panel kit

If you already have experience of installing motorhome solar panel systems, please feel free to browse through our wide range of solar panels and accessories.

For the novice, we recommend that you use a SunWorks solar panel kit. Our kits contain the basics for an efficient and reliable installation. Our illustrated instructions will guide you, step by step through the installation.

SunWorks solar panel kits. What’s included?

All of our kits contain one or more solar panels, a matching charge controller, and suitable cables. We consider the charge controller to be be heart of any solar panel system. So all SunWorks solar panel kits have the correct charge controller included. We have many types of kit available, so which is best for you?

Solar panels for motorhomes. Two types:

Motorhome solar panels

Single battery SunWorks solar panel kit.

The two types of solar panel generally used on motorhomes are rigid panel solar panels (with aluminium frames), and semi-flexible solar panels. SunWorks can supply kits with either type of solar panel.

Our rigid solar panels are chosen for their value for money and robust construction. You can fit them securely to the roof of your motorhome with our uPVC corner mounts. For example, our 100-UNO kit contains a 100 watt solar panel and a SunWorks SB1C LCD charge controller. Also included is an 8 metre cable with the correct connectors already fitted.

Motorhome solar panels

SunWorks flexible solar panel kit

SunWorks FLEX kits contain semi-flexible solar panels which are attached directly to the roof of your motorhome, with a suitable adhesive. They are very lightweight and can follow the contours of your motorhome’s roof. For example, our 200-UNO-FLEX kit contains two SunWorks semi-flexible 100 watt solar panels and a matching SunWorks SB2C charge controller. Again, the correct 8 metre cable and connectors are included.

Incidentally, you may have read about polycrystalline, monocrystalline and amorphous crystalline solar panels. Monocrystalline solar panels offer the most up to date technology and efficiency and all SunWorks solar panels are of this type.

All our semi-flexible solar panels have an abrasion resistant front lamination and encapsulated aluminium back-plate for thermal stability.

What size of solar panel should I use?

Motorhome solar panels

SunWorks 200 watt solar panel kit

Solar panels come in a variety of sizes. To make it easy to choose which size is best for you, we make the following recommendations.

To simply trickle charge your engine or leisure battery we suggest you use a minimum solar panel size of 50 watts. This will trickle charge your battery ready for the next trip.

Most owners will want much more power so we recommend a panel of at least 100 watts on a motorhome. This will provide a good maintenance charge and will keep your battery in good order. During the summer months in the UK this panel size will provide some extra power and significantly reduce the need for a mains connection.

If you are looking for complete independence from the mains supply, we strongly suggest that you consider a solar panel in the 150 to 200 watt range. We can supply kits in this power range. For example our 200-UNO kit contains two 100 watt solar panels and the very capable SunWorks SB2C charge controller.

Can I charge both my leisure battery and my engine battery from one solar panel?

Motorhome solar panels

Dual battery flexible solar panel kit

You certainly can!

The Worlds first dual battery charge controllers were produced by SunWorks. Our DB1C and DB2C  charge controllers have set the standard in the control of solar panels for motorhomes and boats. They are highly efficient and have a very smart appearance.

We have included these controllers in the SunWorks DUO kits. For example, the 200-DUO kit contains two 100 watt rigid solar panels and a matching SunWorks DB2C charge controller.

The 200-DUO-FLEX kit is the same but with two semi-flexible solar panels.

Fitting rigid framed solar panels to the roof of your motorhome.

We strongly suggest that you consider using a rigid framed solar panel fixed permanently to the roof of your motorhome. This is the most cost effective type of solar panel and they come in a range of sizes to suit all situations.

Solar panels for motorhomes

Robust uPVC corner mounts

All SunWorks panels are built with monocrystalline cells, the most efficient technology available. They take up much less space on your roof.

Rigid solar panels can be mounted straight onto the roof using our uPVC corner mounts.

It is important to allow a small air space underneath the solar panel. These corner mounts will support the panel securely and allow air to flow freely.

Fitting semi-flexible solar panels for motorhomes.

Solar panels for motorhomes

Flexible to fit roof contours

For curved roofs consider using SunWorks semi-flexible solar panels. This kind of panel can be bent to follow the contours of a curved surface. They are very convenient in areas where a rigid panel would not sit flat on the roof. Our semi-flexible panels can be bent up to 20%. That’s 20 cm deflection on a 100 watt panel!

They are fixed to the roof of the motorhome using a suitable adhesive. The adhesive must be have good adhesion to both solar panel and the roof of your van. Please look at our range of adhesives for more information.

Can I expand my existing system?

adding a solar panel

Connect two solar panels together

Increasing the size of your existing solar panel system to 150 watts or even 200 watts will make a big difference to your power independence. You can generally connect another solar panel ‘in parallel’ to your existing system. We have special connectors to make adding a second panel easy.

The total power available to you is the sum of the two panels.

SunWorks can supply you with solar panels, controllers, accessories and any advice you may need.

Charge controllers and solar panels for motorhomes.


SunWorks dual battery charge controller

Whichever solar panel you choose, it has to be connected to your battery via an electronic charge controller. A good quality charge controller protects the battery from overcharge and will substantially increase the life of the battery. They are available as ‘single battery’ types that will charge one battery, or as ‘dual battery’ types which will charge both your engine and leisure batteries from the same solar panel.

SunWorks manufacture a wide range of suitable charge controllers. If you choose one with an LCD display you will be able to see your system working.

All our solar panel kits contain a SunWorks LCD charge controller.

Download the “SunWorks Guide to installing solar panels on your Motorhome”. See the left hand column on this page.

Portable solar panels. The third type of solar panel for motorhomes.

The simplest and quickest way to use a solar panel on your motorhome is to buy a portable solar panel. These panels have a stand that allows you to set the panel up outside the motorhome, pointing it directly at the Sun.

SunWorks portable solar panels have an adjustable stand that also allows the panel to be tilted up or down. Pointing the panel directly at the Sun makes it much more effective. Much more charge into your battery!

Our 50 watt portable panel is capable of powering a small television or laptop computer on a bright sunny day.

To use a portable solar panel, simply take it out of its bag, set it up on the ground (facing the Sun of course) and clip the lead to your battery. That’s it!

Portable solar panel

SunWorks portable solar panels

The solar panel will convert the Suns energy into electricity and charge up your battery.

At the end of the day, unclip the battery and fold away the stand. The solar panel can then be put away in its bag ready for the next day.

The SunWorks portable solar panel has a robust aluminium folding stand, and a built-in SunWorks charge controller. This charge controller is designed specifically with motorhomes in mind. It will protect your battery from overcharge whilst ensuring that the battery receives the maximum charge possible.

The panel come complete with a strong and attractive carrying bag.

For more information, please take a look at our Product page which has more details, and buying information.