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SunWorks - Boat, caravan and motorhome solar panels - We supply a wide selection of solar PV energy products for the leisure market. Our top quality branded solar panels, charge controllers and accessories carry full warranties backed up with complete technical specifications and excellent UK customer service.

Specialists in solar panels for motorhomes, narrowboats, yachts and caravans since 2002.

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  • solar panel kit for narrowboats

    200 Watt Solar Panel Kit. Dual Battery

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  • flexible solar panel kit

    100 Watt Semi-Flexible Solar Panel Kit. Standard

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  • Portable solar panel

    Portable Solar Panel. 50 Watts.

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  • dual battery

    Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller. 11 Amps. 170 Watts. Black. DB1C

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Dual battery charging with Winter Mode. No more flat batteries in the Spring.

There’s nothing worse than opening up in the Spring to find your engine battery completely dead. You have a solar panel but it is wired to your domestic leisure batteries. Your poor engine battery didn’t stand a chance against the cold winter. You could use your mains-powered charger, or perhaps you have the means to […]

Motorhoming in France in 2018?

Motorhoming in France is about pretty villages and towns, wonderful food and wine, long sandy beaches, forests, mountains, winding rivers, in fact just about everything you could wish for in a holiday. It’s all on our doorstep and easy to do. It’s definitely worth trying for a week or two and I guarantee you’ll be […]