Kits with rigid framed solar panels

Rigid framed solar panel kits for narrowboats.

The SunWorks range of sturdy solar panel kits for narrowboats and canal boats of all types. These kits combine high performance well engineered monocrystalline solar panels with super reliable charge controllers. Our ECO range contain good quality panels with 5 year guarantees. The Premium range include German branded panels with 10 year guarantees. 

How to choose a solar panel kit.....

Where to start?

The kits in the first category have been designed to charge your leisure battery. They contain sturdily built solar panels and SunWorks renowned charge controllers. Also included is enough cable to install the system in the average boat.

The same kits are available in “Dual Battery” versions. These kits will charge your leisure battery and your engine battery.

Premium quality kits contain first rate German branded solar panels.

What do the kits contain?

SunWorks solar panel kits for narrowboats provide the main items required to install solar power on your boat. Each kit contains one or more solar panels, the appropriate precision charge controller, and the essential cables and connectors that you will need. These kits are the one-stop way to a secure and efficient solar panel installation. Also in the kits are full instructions with  illustrations, and our recommendations for a professional installation.

Can I charge both batteries?

Choose a single battery UNO kit if you just want to charge your leisure battery. Or select a DUO kit if you want to charge both your engine battery and your leisure battery.

What is an MPPT kit?

Mean Power Point Tracking is a technology which can extract up to 30% more power from your solar panels depending on conditions e.g. in low to medium sunlight, or when your battery is particularly low on charge.  To take full advantage of this technology our MPPT kits use special charge controllers and heavy duty cables.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our solar panel kits. Alternatively, there is a very comprehensive installation guide available for download. See our homepage.

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