Solar Panel Charge Controllers. The Heart of your Solar Panel System.

Solar Panel Charge Controllers: the Heart of any solar panel system.

To protect your batteries from overcharging and to get the best from your solar panels, you need a high performance solar panel charge controller. All SunWorks solar panel charge controllers are built using the best components and are highly reliable. All our controllers use efficient SunWorks PWM or DuoPWM technology to optimise solar charge and prolong battery life. We have been designing and building solar charge controllers since 1991, initially to withstand the rugged conditions of the North Sea.

solar panel charge controllers

SunWorks SB1Z solar panel charge controller

A good quality solar panel charge controller should:

  • Prevent overcharging of the batteries
  • Maximise the charge in the batteries
  • Prolong battery life
  • Operate completely automatically

Our most popular Solar Charge Controllers:

The entry-level SB0 and SB1Z are our low-cost, high performance charge controllers. Designed for solar panels of up to 11 Amps (170 Watts), these small, easy to use controllers will sit happily next to your battery and protect it from overcharging, whilst optimising the battery charge.


solar charge controller SunWorks SB1C

SunWorks SB1C and SB2C solar panel charge controllers

Our best-selling solar charge controllers, the SunWorks SB1C  and SB2C will control your solar panel,  optimise and protect your battery, and look smart in your living space. They are available in Black or in Light Grey to suit the interior of your motorhome or boat.

With highly efficient PWM technology for optimal charging these controllers are suitable for solar panels of up to 15 amps (240 Watts).

The clear LCD display shows solar current and battery voltage level and all cables enter from the back so there is no unsightly wiring.



Dual Battery Controllers:

dual battery solar panel charge controller

SunWorks DB1C and DB2C Dual battery solar panel charge controllers

The SunWorks DB1C was the World’s first dual battery charge controller. Designed initially to charge both the engine battery and the leisure battery of a sailing yacht, this controller has been carefully refined  to suit both motorhome and boat. With this controller you can charge both batteries from a single solar panel. It is available in a choice of colours, has a clear LCD display and uses the SunWorks unique DuoPWM charging system. This controller has proven to be the favourite among boats owners and motorhome owners alike.

A special Winter Mode ensures that both batteries are looked after when your vehicle or boat is not in regular use. Suitable for solar panels of up to 11 amps (170 Watts).

For larger solar panels, up to 15 amps (240 Watts) the SunWorks DB2C controller is the answer.


Z-Series Solar Charge Controllers:

Solar charge controller with load disconnect

SunWorks SB4ZA solar panel charge controller with automatic load disconnection.

The SunWorks Z-Series solar charge controllers offer low-cost, high performance control with a range of options. All Z-Series controllers offer:

  • SunWorks PWM charge system to optimise the charge in your battery
  • Intelligent LED’s to indicate battery charge state and solar charge mode
  • Simple connection to the optional SunWorks Remote Display Unit. This bright LCD display will inform you of your solar panel performance and battery state of charge
  • Thermal compensation. Safely putting more charge into your battery regardless of the ambient temperature
    remote display

    Remote display for Z-Series controllers



With five models to choose from, the Z-Series is as follows:

The Z-Series are all compatible with the SunWorks Remote Display Unit. The LCD shows solar current, battery voltage and other information relevant to your controller and system.

The Remote Display Unit can be situated up to 10 meters from the controller, and is available in black or light grey to suit the interior of your motorhome or boat.