Solar installation accessories

Motorhome solar panel installation accessories.

Our selection of solar installation accessories, including solar panel mounting hardware, cables, adhesive, fuses etc.. Every installation is slightly different so you may need one or two of the following items.

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Your solar panel can be fixed permanently to the roof of your motorhome, or simply taken outside when you most need it. In either case, having the correct cables, connectors and mounting hardware is important for a secure and reliable solar panel installation. We are constantly adding to our range of solar installation accessories for motorhomes, boats and caravans. Please contact us if you do not see what you need.

Some solar installation accessories you may need:

  1. Mounting hardware for the solar panel. If you are installing a semi-flexible panel you will need to buy Sikaflex adhesive. If your panel has a rigid aluminium frame take a look at our solar panel corner mounts.
  2. Roof connection. All installations will require a watertight gland or box to carry the solar panel cable through to the interior of the van.
  3. Cables. The easiest way to buy the correct cable with ready fitted connectors is to select either a SunWorks 8 metre solar panel cable (for single battery systems), or a SunWorks 12 metre solar panel cable (for dual battery systems).
  4. Fuses. Each battery will need an in-line fuse to protect the system and cables. We recommend using SunWorks fused battery harness’s to make the job easy.
  5.  Cable supports. It is important to secure the cables once installed. Use a SunWorks weatherproof roof attachment for exterior cables, and a pack or two of SunWorks solar cable attachments for cables inside the van.

There are many ways to install a solar panel on your motorhome. We have years of experience in this field and are happy to help and advise.

Please contact us if you do not see what you need, or if you would simply like to talk about your solar panel project.

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