Fitting a solar panel to a motorhome.

Fitting a solar panel to a motorhome is very straightforward. It’s a great way to enhance your holiday experience. Solar panels are a reliable source of free energy and will reduce your dependence on mains hookups. So how do you start? What items do you need? You will need a solar panel, a charge controller and some […]

Dual battery charging with Winter Mode. No more flat batteries in the Spring.

There’s nothing worse than opening up in the Spring to find your engine battery completely dead. You have a solar panel but it is wired to your domestic leisure batteries. Your poor engine battery didn’t stand a chance against the cold winter. You could use your mains-powered charger, or perhaps you have the means to […]

Motorhoming in France in 2018?

Motorhoming in France is about pretty villages and towns, wonderful food and wine, long sandy beaches, forests, mountains, winding rivers, in fact just about everything you could wish for in a holiday. It’s all on our doorstep and easy to do. It’s definitely worth trying for a week or two and I guarantee you’ll be […]

How to chill-out properly in your motorhome.

For many of us, getting away from it all at the weekends is something we look forward to between busy work schedules. For others, especially those that are retired, the weekend can often be stretched out to three or four days. Making the most of this valuable time away in the van depends on reasonable […]

Fitting a solar panel to your caravan

Adding a semi-flexible or a portable solar panel to your caravan will enhance your holiday experience by making you independent of the mains hook up. Enjoy more freedom to roam the countryside and park up wherever suits you. Stop worrying about flat batteries! Solar panels are easy to fit and to use. But what is the best […]

The MPPT charge controller. Will it improve your solar panel system?

There has been a lot of discussion on-line about MPPT solar panel charge controllers. Will they improve the charge in your battery? Are they good value for money? We have been looking closely at the differences between PWM and MPPT charge controllers. Our special interest is in 12 volt solar panel systems, as used on motorhomes, […]

Solar Impulse completes record-breaking round-the-world flight.

A plane powered only by energy from the Sun, has completed its 15-month mission to circumnavigate the world. The Solar Impulse plane landed in Abu Dhabi yesterday after completing its incredible 25,000-mile record-breaking journey. This feat is the world’s first round-the-world flight to be powered solely by the sun. No fuel was used during the circumnavigation. […]