Solar Panels: Semi-Flexible

SunWorks semi flexible solar panels. For motorhomes, boats and caravans.

A range of standard and premium quality semi flexible solar panels. For all applications.

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Semi flexible solar panels are lightweight and can be bent slightly to follow the curve of a motorhome or caravan roof. They are very thin and so do not impact on wind resistance or appearance.

Premium quality semi flexible solar panels.

Our Premium range of semi flexible panels meet the highest German standards. They can be used with confidence on the roof of a motorhome or caravan and are also tough enough to be fitted to the deck of a boat. The integrated aluminium plate gives high physical and thermal stability in the most demanding situations.

Premium quality panels feature monocrystalline ‘ActiveWire’ technology for high reliability and efficiency. This mesh of thin interconnecting wires promotes the even flow of power through the panel.

The unique 19 busbar design improves reliability. If a cell ever gets damaged, the other cells will continue to work.

The top layer of the panel has a coating of EFTE. This material will resist abrasion, salt water and extremes of temperature.

These panels can be bent to 10%  and can be walked on if necessary.

Standard semi flexible solar panels.

Standard semi flexible panels are also ultra thin and flexible. Ideal for attaching to a curved surface. Encapsulated aluminium plate for stability, and ETFE coating for abrasion resistance. Use them on the roof of your motorhome or caravan with complete confidence. Our standard semi-flexible solar panels can follow a curved surface of up to 10%.

Boats and yachts can also benefit from these panels. To guarantee their long life, mount them away from the busy deck area.

What size of solar panel do I need?

A 65 watt panel will give you reliable charging during the winter months and quite a bit of extra power during the summer.

The larger 100 watt panels are best if you want to become independent of the mains hook-up.

Our high performing semi flexible solar panels are also available as part of a kit. Click here to see our solar panel kits.

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