The Company

In 2002 SunWorks UK produced the Worlds first dual battery solar charge controller. Based on our experience with robust solar energy systems for off-shore navigation buoys, the DB1C was built for ocean-going sailing yachts that needed to charge the engine battery as well as the leisure batteries. The design was later adapted to cater for motorhome owners and has become the industry standard for both of these applications.

Since that first DB1C, SunWorks has introduced several types of solar charge controller, and we constantly update all our designs to take advantage of the most reliable technology available.

Our product range has now been extended to include solar panels, complete installation kits and other components, all with the same exacting quality and attention to detail.

Our continuous development program ensures that your solar energy system will give reliable service for many years to come.

All products are distributed worldwide.

SunWorks is a privately owned company.

Our Future.

The SunWorks aim is to manufacture innovative products based on the understanding of our customers needs.

Our solar energy systems are designed with special regard to efficiency, integration into the environment, attractive appearance and ease of use. We do not incorporate any unnecessary functions and intend that all systems are ‘fit and forget’.

We also understand that requirements vary from customer to customer and so are always ready to consider new ideas and to work closely with customers to evolve new products based on special requirements.

Our Products.

SunWorks products are recognised as combining the best technology with ease of use, efficiency of operation, reliability and attractive appearance, important especially where the system is installed in a yacht or motorhome environment.

Our after-sales service is second to none and we pride ourselves on our quick response to customers enquiries.

We make every attempt to ensure that our products remain competitively priced but we will not compromise on reliability or efficiency.

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Email: [email protected]