Solar Panel Charge Controller. 15 Amps. 240 Watts. Black. SB2C


Solar panel charge controller SB2C will protect and optimise the charge to your battery, and look smart in your living space

With highly efficient SunWorks PWM technology for optimal charging this controller works with solar panels of up to 240 watts

The large clear LCD display shows the solar current and the battery voltage level

Cables can enter from the back so there is no unsightly wiring

The SB2C is also available in light grey


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Solar panel charge controller with LCD display specifically designed for motorhomes yachts and caravans.

The SB2C solar panel charge controller is a high specification solar charge controller with LCD. It is one of our best-selling single battery units.  Ensures optimal charging of your batteries.

  • Can accept solar panels up to 240 watts, 15 amps
  • Fully automatic.  No setting up routine
  • Intelligent 3-stage charging:
    • ‘Boost’ mode to take full advantage of the available sunlight
    • ‘Absorption’ mode to maximize charge level and prolong battery life
    • ‘Float’ mode to maintain the battery once it is fully charged
  • Suitable for all 12 Volt leisure and engine batteries. Liquid or gel types
  • The SB2C Solar panel charge controller has a large clear display providing continuous reading of solar current and battery voltage
  • Available in black or light grey to enhance the interior of any motorhome, boat or yacht
  • No visible fixing screws
  • Compact design
  • High reliability
  • Cables can be concealed by entering from the back of the controller, enhancing the appearance

SunWorks Solar Panels that match the SB2C solar panel charge controller:

Installing a solar charge controller is straightforward. Each controller comes with complete illustrated instructions.

Here are the basics. See the diagrams below:

  • The controller is mounted inside the boat or vehicle, close to the battery.
  • A 2-core cable passes through the roof or deck to connect the controller to the solar panel.
  • Another 2-core cable connects the controller to the battery via a suitable fuse.

Typical connections for a motorhome or caravan:

Wiring for single battery_motorhome

Typical connections for a yacht or narrowboat:

Wiring for single battery_boat

Wiring Accessories:

To help install this controller on your motorhome or boat, we recommend the following items:

Other Accessories:

To make a secure and watertight connection through the roof of your motorhome or the deck of your boat:

If you need any further help or advice concerning this product, please do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

Additional information

Shipping Weight 0.3 kg


Maximum solar panel current

15 Amps

Maximum solar panel power

240 Watts

Battery operating voltage (nominal)

12 Volts





Controller weight

210 grams

Charge modes

Boost (bulk), Absorption (PWM), Float (PWM)

Recommended wire type

2.5 mm sq. automotive cable

Connection type

Screw terminals

Solar panel maximum Voc

35 volts

Operating temperature

-15 degC to +50 degC

Storage temperature

-25 deg C to +60 deg C

Display resolution

0.1 (10th’s) for volts and amps

Environmental protection



  1. C. Truman

    I recently purchased this product, but when I came to use it, I found there was no Amps readings. I contacted sunworks regarding this issue and I spoke to Tony Weldon who informed me of a series of checks to perform to correct my issues. He asked me to check if there was anything blocking my solar panel, in doing so I identified my TV ariel covering a small portion of the panel, severely reducing the Amps generated and this instantaneously fixed my problem.

    This unit is now working brilliant and is a very well made quality product, I would also like to recommend the professionalism and fast response from Tony.

  2. M. Fan

    This works well for me. Nice’n’simple to connect – just to the battery and to the solar panel – and installation was easy with various options to route in the cables. Inside the unit looks to be good commercial quality and the connectors feel beefy enough for the job. In service it seems to charge the battery efficiently and keep it topped nicely.

  3. N Ball

    Does what it say’s on the packet.

  4. Smudger444

    I struggled to justify the replacement, but looking at the new SB2C controllers specification, I thought it may just be worth upgrading to get the extra battery capacity. Believe me, It really was, and after install I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. The Sunworks Controller is above Controllers.

    The Sunworks Solar Panel Controller I thought could no be improved, I have had an Old Sunworks 8amp ish controller since 2006 and our three 100amp batteries were mostly sitting at 13.9v with a 150watt panel. Its been totally reliable, and allowed me to run a 2000watt Rage Saw via an inverter. But even on the worst of days The new 15amp Sunworks SB2C Regulator has lifted our batteries to 14.4v this was just the first day, and it was a cloudy winters day too.

    These Sunworks controllers are simple to install, they have a very clear display, with all the information you need. very neat, so you can have this in the cabin to keep an eye on the Battery voltage and Solar output, and with the wire entry from the back its so tidy. If you need a Solar Controller for your Summerhouse, Boat or Caravan, you wont go wrong with Sunworks, and there is great advise if you need it. Years on even the old one I had is still working, which has been re-sited in my garage on an 80watt panel to charge the car battery etc. Im very pleased with the reliability of these Sunworks Controllers.

  5. H Edis

    An excellent product. The controller keeps my caravan battery topped up at all times. It is easily installed and gives all information regarding battery condition and rate of charge. A most helpful company to deal with,always happy to give help and advice if required.

  6. K Hildred

    Easy to install and very fast delivery direct from sunworks. These are the best regulators you can buy I have had four now for caravans and motor homes. two 11 amps one 15 amp and currently a 30 amp on my new motor home running 3 125 amp batteries and 300 watt solar panel. only went for 30 amp regulator in case i add more panels.

  7. Dave

    Good product 2 year waranty.
    Easy to instal and very fast delivery direct. The best regulator you can buy upto 15 amps that is for a 80 + 120 watt solar panel. Works well with my 2 * 125 amp deep cycle batteries in caravan.

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