Single Battery Solar Panel Charge Controllers

Solar panel charge controllers for Narrowboats and Canal Boats.

The SunWorks range includes purpose designed solar panel charge controllers for narrowboats and canal boats. These controllers optimise the charge from your solar panel. Your battery is protected from overcharge and you will see how much power is flowing into your battery.

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These small compact controllers come in two colours to suit the interior of your boat. Choose from black or light grey.

Operation is fully automatic. Cable entry can be from the rear, providing a tidy appearance.

Three sizes are available. Our smallest controller, the SB0 is rated at 125 watts. The SB1Z and SB1C are recommended for solar panels of up to 170 watts. The SB2c is rated at 240 watts.

SunWorks charge controllers are designed to work with all 12 volt battery types. Installation is straightforward for a DIY enthusiast.

We have been building solar panel charge controllers for campervans, motorhomes and boats since 2002. There are still SunWorks controllers in operation from that time. Our reliability is renowned.

Please contact us if you have any queries about these controllers. We are always happy to assist.

Or click to read our free guide: “Solar Panels for Narrowboats”.

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