Solar Panel Charge Controller. 11 Amps. 170 Watts. Black. SB1C


The SB1C solar charge controller will charge and protect your batteries, and look smart in your living space

Highly efficient SunWorks technology for optimal charging

Works with solar panels of up to 170 watts

The large clear LCD display shows the solar current and the battery voltage level

Cables can enter from the back so there is no unsightly wiring

The SB1C is also available in light grey.


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Solar charge controller with LCD display specifically designed for motorhomes, boats and caravans.

This high specification solar charge controller is our best-selling single battery controller.  Ensures optimal charging of your battery.

  • Can accept solar panels up to 170 watts, 11 amps
  • Fully automatic.  No setting up routine
  • Intelligent 3-stage charging:
    • ‘Boost’ mode to take full advantage of the available sunlight
    • ‘Absorption’ mode to maximize charge level and prolong battery life
    • ‘Float’ mode to maintain the battery once it is fully charged
  • Suitable for all 12 Volt leisure and engine batteries. Liquid or gel types
  • Large clear LCD display provides continuous reading of solar current and battery voltage
  • Available in black or light grey to enhance the interior of any motorhome, boat or yacht
  • No visible fixing screws
  • Compact design
  • High reliability
  • Cables can be concealed by entering from the back of the controller, enhancing the appearance

SunWorks Solar Panels that match the SB1C controller

Installing a solar charge controller is straightforward. Each controller comes with complete illustrated instructions.

Here are the basics. See the diagrams below:

  • The controller is mounted inside the boat or vehicle, within 4 metres of the battery.
  • A 2-core cable passes through the roof or deck to connect the controller to the solar panel.
  • Another 2-core cable connects the controller to the battery via a suitable fuse.

Typical connections for a motorhome or caravan:

Wiring for single battery_motorhome

Typical connections for a yacht or narrowboat:

Wiring for single battery_boat

Wiring Accessories:

To help install this controller on your motorhome or boat, we recommend the following items:

Other Accessories:

To make a secure and watertight connection through the roof of your motorhome or the deck of your boat:

If you need any further help or advice concerning this product, please do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

Additional information

Shipping Weight 0.3 kg


Maximum solar panel current

11 Amps

Maximum solar panel power

170 Watts

Battery operating voltage (nominal)

12 Volts





Controller weight

200 grams

Charge modes

Boost (bulk), Absorption (PWM), Float (PWM)

Recommended wire type

2.5 mm sq. automotive cable

Connection type

2-5-mm-sq-automotive-cable, Screw terminals

Solar panel maximum Voc

35 volts

Operating temperature

-15 degC to +50 degC

Storage temperature

-25degC to +60degC

Display resolution

0.1 (10th’s) for volts and amps

Environmental protection



  1. Maj Ikle

    Feel confident that you are buying a great product from Sunworks after ten years my charge controller is still working fine and following a recent battery change I also got excellant immediate customer service free advice from Tony and the Crew. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is creating a 12 volt space in their home or living off grid.

  2. N.D.

    I recently changed my motorhome so when I fitted a solar panel there was no question as to which controler I was going to fit I fitted one on my last motorhome and it allowed me to monitor the solar panel and batteries

  3. R Dempster

    Sunworks replaced my original charge controller when it was damaged by moisture. An exemplary customer care service quick and efficient replacing the item with a sealed electronics board. The charge controller has since worked faultlessly. Excellent product and company.

  4. R Goodwin

    Delighted with the SBC1 from Sunworks. Installation was simple on my Chausson Welcome 27. It has performed trouble free, and I can see what is going on with my solar panel constantly. Highly recommended!

  5. B Cooper

    I have had one of these units, the SB1C fitted on board my boat longer than I care to remember and recently upgraded to their 15amp version, the DB2C; owing to changing my boat and not wanting to compromise the electrical features when it came to selling my previous yacht.

    With two charging outputs, I can now keep my domestic services entirely isolated from my engine battery and only connect in parallel after the engine is started.
    I always know exactly what state both batteries are in and what my solar panel is doing also.

    My previous Sunworks controller never faltered and I had no hesitation in choosing another for my next boat. This time, I had a choice of two colours, a dark or light grey plastic box. With its secluded wiring coming out from the back of the unit it was easy to install, requiring only one large hole cut through the panelling to carry the cabling.
    The box it sits in is strong and because there are no buttons to press virtually sealed from the weather also…and it looks good alongside my new Garmin plotter.
    A truly excellent product.

  6. K Hildred

    Easy to install and very fast delivery direct from sunworks. These are the best regulators you can buy I have had four now for caravans and motor homes. two 11 amps one 15 amp and currently a 30 amp on my new motor home running 3 125 amp batteries and 300 watt solar panel.

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