Sailing Boats and Yachts

Yacht and boat solar panels, kits and accessories.

SunWorks offers several types of yacht and boat solar panels, solar panel kits, and accessories. We can supply marine solar panels as well as standard semi-flexible and rigid framed solar panels. Our solar panel kits contain carefully matched panels, charge controllers and cables.

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What sort of solar panel do I need for my boat?

For rugged use i.e. when the boat or yacht is repeatedly subject to bad weather conditions. Freezing temperatures during winter alternating with scorching sunshine in the summer will degrade any marine equipment.  Combined with corrosive seawater these conditions will soon damage any poorly constructed parts of the boat. In addition, there will be knocks and bumps from the crew and other loose items on the boat. We therefore recommend you consider marine grade solar panels to deal with this harsh environment.

For less demanding installations, a standard semi-flexible or a rigid framed solar panel will meet your needs.

What size of solar panel do I need for my boat?

Generally, a 30 watt solar panel will keep an engine battery or a small leisure battery topped up when the boat is not in use.

For the average family cruising boat a 50 watt solar panel will provide a lot more additional power during the summer months and will help power your television, computer, lights etc.. If you need more independence throughout the year you will need to consider a solar panel system of at least 100 watts.

What else is needed for a boat solar panel system?

To protect your battery from overcharging, use a SunWorks purpose-built charge controller. SunWorks charge controllers will also maximise the charge stored in your batteries. We build single and dual battery charge controllers.

SunWorks stock a wide range of solar panels, accessories and solar panel kits. And if you need assistance, we can provide all the advice and help you may need to complete your solar panel project.
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