Narrowboats and Canal Boats

Looking for narrowboat solar panels and accessories?

SunWorks stock everything you need for your narrowboat or canal boat solar panel system.

More information about narrowboat solar panels

Narrowboat solar panels, kits and accessories.

Our selection includes rigid solar panels that can be fixed in place or fitted with adjustable frames. An adjustable frame will allow you to tilt the panel up or down to face the Sun. Tilting the panel increases electricity production substantially.

We also supply ultra-thin semi-flexible panels that follow the contours of your wheelhouse roof or deck. No more snagged ropes or mooring lines. These panels are more efficient than a standard framed panel, taking up less room on your boat.

Both types of solar panel are available as a kit. The kits include the correct cables and charge controller. Comprehensive instructions guide you through the installation process. Definitely the easiest way to install a solar panel on your narrowboat.

Alternatively, have a look at our stand-alone solar panels. These panels can be propped up outside just when you need them. Store the panel safely away in its bag when not in use. Certainly the simplest way to use a solar panel. Because you can point it directly at the Sun these panels are very efficient.

What else might I need?

SunWorks purpose built solar panel charge controllers will maximise the charge in your batteries. Our charge controllers will increase battery life and protect your batteries from overcharging. Essentially, compromising on the charge controller is false economy!

We stock the complete range of solar panel accessories and can provide you with all the advice you need to complete your solar panel project.

If you can’t find what you need, please just ask.
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