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SunWorks can provide you with everything you need to install your caravan solar panels. If you are not sure which solar panels to use, please read on….

More information about Caravan Solar Panels

There are two ways to fit a solar panel to your caravan. First of all, you can attach a solar panel permanently to the roof of your caravan. Alternatively, you can setup a portable solar panel outside, just when the Sun is shining.

Installing a permanent solar panel.

SunWorks semi-flexible solar panels are quick and easy to attach to the caravan roof. Simply bend the panel to the shape of the roof and glue it in place. Take the cable through the roof via a sealed roof gland. Fit a suitable charge controller. Finally, connect the cable to your battery via a fuse.

High performance is guaranteed thanks to the ‘back-contact’ monocrystalline technology. Because the contacts are behind the cells more sunlight can get to the active area. As a result more charge goes into your battery.

Use adhesive to attach the panel. Please see our range of solar panel adhesives.

Because you want to get the best from your solar panel, use a high quality charge controller. A good charge controller will protect your battery from overcharging. It will also ensure that the maximum charge goes into your battery.

SunWorks controllers offer the best performance, and the longest battery life. Please contact us if you need more assistance, or read our guide on solar panel charge controllers.

Portable solar panels.

If you do not want to install a permanent solar panel, take a look at our portable solar panels. These panels feature a strong fold-out stand, allowing you to point the solar panel directly at the Sun. The panel can also be tilted up or down to suit the height of the Sun.

Fold out the stand and clip the supplied lead directly to your battery. At the end of the day store the panel safely away in its strong polyester bag.

We stock a complete range of solar panel accessories and can offer advice and guidance. If you can’t find what you need, please just ask. We will be pleased to help.
For detailed information about solar power for your caravan, please read our guide.