Camper-van and Motorhome Solar Panels

Motorhome solar panels, kits and accessories.

SunWorks supplies top quality German-built motorhome solar panels. We also build purpose designed charge controllers, and a wide range of accessories. We supply everything needed to install a safe and efficient solar panel system.

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SunWorks German built rigid framed solar panels are the best option for use on a motorhome. Easy to fit and very reliable. All our rigid solar panels come with a 25 year performance guarantee.

Specially built SunWorks semi-flexible solar panels are also attached permanently to the motorhome roof. The efficiency of these panels is slightly better than for framed panels. They take up less room on the roof and are much more aerodynamic. These panels can be bent to follow the shape of the roof.

Solar panel kits

Also available are SunWorks rigid solar panel kits and semi-flexible solar panel kits. Our kits contain the same high quality solar panels. Also included in each kit is the correct SunWorks charge controller and appropriate cables and connectors. Additionally we include fully illustrated fitting instructions. Our technical staff are always here to help.

If you do not want to fix a panel permanently, a portable solar panel can be set up outside the van. Use it just when the Sun is shining. Tilt the panel up or down to suit the height of the Sun. Then store the portable panel away at night in the strong polyester carry bag.

Solar panel charge controllers

In addition, SunWorks solar charge controllers ensure that the maximum charge goes into your battery. Our purpose-built controllers protect your batteries from overcharging. They provide the best performance, and give the longest battery life. Compromising on the charge controller is false economy! Get the best from your batteries with a SunWorks dual battery charge controller. These controllers will also charge your engine battery from the same solar panel.

Finally, we have many years of experience with motorhome solar panel systems. Call our sales team if you need assistance. We are always happy to help.

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