200 Watt Solar Panel Kit. MPPT. Dual Battery


A 200 watt MPPT, economically priced, self-fit solar panel kit for narrowboats, yachts and motorhomes.

Latest “Shingled” string welding process, beautiful and reliable.

Charges your leisure and engine batteries.

Kit includes a 15 Amp MPPT dual battery charge controller.

Two high quality solar panels. 100 watt each. Monocrystalline.

Easy to follow, illustrated and comprehensive instructions.

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200 Watt motorhome or narrowboat MPPT solar panel kit. Dual battery.

Economically priced 200 watt motorhome or narrowboat MPPT solar panel kit.

Charge your engine and leisure batteries.

The solar panels carry a manufacturers 5 year parts and materials guarantee and 25 year performance guarantee.

The SunWorks 200-MPPT-DUO-ECO kit contains:

  • Two 100 watt rigid aluminium framed solar panels. High efficiency, tempered glass, excellent low light performance.
    • Latest “Shingled” string welding process, beautiful and reliable
    • Panel size: 1190 x 450 x 30 mm
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking, high performance solar panel controller:
    • Chosen especially for use with the two 100 watt solar panels.
    • Uses MPPT technology to increase the output from your solar panel by up to 30%
    • BOOST, ABSORPTION, EQUALISATION and FLOAT modes. Ensures maximum charge and protection for your battery
    • LEDs indicators. Battery Full, Battery 80%, Battery Low, MPPT On etc..
    • Can charge Lead-acid, AGM, Gel and LiFePO4 batteries
    • Built-in fuse
    • Can be used with the Votronic LCD display, supplied separately.
    • Second output for charging your engine battery (can be left unused). 1 amp charge rate.
  • Solar cable. 4 mmsq. Two lengths. Each length is 8 metres. Fitted with MC4 connectors for easy connection to the solar panel.
  • Engine battery cable. 2.5 mmsq. 6 m.
  • Y-branch connector/adaptor with MC4 connectors. Ready to connect the two solar panels together.
  • Instruction booklet. 15 pages of step by step instructions with lots of diagrams and illustrations. We couldn’t make it easier!
  • Email support to help you with any queries.

If you intend to use this kit on a boat or motorhome you may find following items useful:

  • Solar panel mounts or brackets for fixing the solar panel in place:
  • Adhesive for use with PVC mounts, connection boxes and glands. The ultimate adhesive for these applications is:

For information about this kit or any other MPPT solar panel kit for narrowboats, yachts or motorhomes, please download one of our free guides. See our homepage for more details.

Alternatively, please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Tel: 020 8144 2475

Email: [email protected]

Additional information

Shipping Weight 21 kg
Shipping Dimensions 160 × 70 × 20 cm


Maximum power at STC (Wp)

200 Watts

Maximum solar panel current

8.92 Amps + MPPT

Panel weight

6 Kgs

Panel dimensions

1190 x 450 x 30 mm

Cell type

Shingle cells, Monocrystalline

Operating temperature

-20 degC to +45 degC

Battery operating voltage (nominal)

12 Volts


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