Solar cable roof/deck attachment, self-adhesive. White. Pack of 5.


Secure your solar cables to the roof or deck of your motorhome, caravan or boat

Large self-adhesive mounting pad, 40mm x 40mm

Very strong adhesive. Will not come unstuck

Completely weatherproof

Nylon cable-tie 186mm x 4.6mm. Suitable for all solar panel cable sizes

Cables can be supported singularly or several cables can be bunched together

Colour: White

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Secure solar cable roof attachment for motorhome and caravan roofs. Pack of 5.

Make certain that the solar cables on the roof/deck of your motorhome, caravan or boat will stay securely in place with these self adhesive cable attachments.

The combined cable tie and base will keep all cables neat, tidy and secure.

The weather-resistant, self-adhesive pads are very strong and will stick to any smooth, painted surface.


  • Self adhesive cable tie base:  40mm x 40mm (white). QTY 5.
  • Nylon cable-tie: 186mm x 4.6mm (white). QTY 5.

We recommend that all cables in your solar panel system are secured at 20 cm intervals. This will improve the safety and reliability of your solar panel installation.



Additional information

Shipping Weight 0.1 kg

40mm x 40mm x 7mm plus cable size

Environmental protection


Recommended wire type


Operating temperature

-40 degC to +85 degC


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