Watertight Roof/Deck Solar Panel Connection gland. 1 way


Through roof/deck cable gland. Single cable entry

Great for passing the solar panel cable through to the interior of your yacht or caravan

Highest quality German made uPVC

Glue  down to the deck of your boat or the roof of your motorhome or caravan using Sikaflex252i adhesive for a VERY secure and watertight connection



Solar panel connection gland, 1 way

Make the electrical connection through the roof of your motorhome, caravan or the deck of your boat with this watertight roof/deck Solar Panel Connection gland.

Single cable entry. Perfect for flexible panels, marine solar panels and all rigid panels.

Aerodynamic shape to cut down windage on motorohomes, sailing yachts and caravans

Glue down to the deck of your boat or to the roof of your vehicle using Sikaflex252i. This will ensure a VERY strong and watertight connection through to the interior, sold separately.

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