Solar installation accessories

Mounting hardware, cables, adhesive, fuses etc..

All the extra parts needed for a successful solar panel installation.

Installation accessories for your caravan.

Solar installation accessories for caravans.

Your solar panel can be fixed permanently  to the caravan, or simply taken outside when you most need it. In either case, having the correct cables, connectors and mounting hardware is important for a secure and reliable solar panel installation. We are constantly adding to our range of accessories, and have several items in stock that are not yet listed on this site.

If you have chosen a portable solar panel, there is nothing more that you need. Simply set the panel up outside with its fold-out stand and point it towards the Sun. Clip the cable to your battery and the panel will continue to work for you until the Sun goes down.

If you intend installing a solar panel on the roof of your caravan, you will need a tube of Sikaflex adhesive for each solar panel. You will also need a waterproof roof gland to take the cable through the roof and down to the charge controller. A cable with MC4 connectors already attached will connect the system together. Some of this cable can also be used to connect the charge controller to the battery via a fuse holder.

Tidy up the installation inside with some self adhesive cable ties. A weatherproof cable tie or two will secure the cables on the roof.
The installation of a solar panel on the roof of a caravan is straightforward. Please contact us if you do not see what you need, or if you would simply like to talk about your solar panel project.

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