Two panel adaptor with MC4 connections.


  • A simple solution for connecting two or more solar panels together

Increase the size of your solar panel system without additional wiring

UV and ozone resistant

Includes one MC4 cable adaptor female to double male, and one MC4 cable adaptor male to double female.


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MC4 two panel adaptor/connector for solar panel cables

Connect two solar panels together with this MC4 connector. Sold in pairs, one male adaptor and one female adaptor.

Many solar panels are supplied with MC4 type connectors. Now it is a simple matter to connect two such panels together to increase the size of your solar panel installation.

Simply plug the positive cable from each solar panel into the male adaptor. Then plug the negative cable from each solar panel into the female adaptor. The remaining connection on each adaptor can then be connected to your charge  controller cable.

If you need to connect to standard 2-core cable please take a look at our ‘Solar panel cable with pre-assembled MC4 connectors’ .


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