Marine solar panels

Marine quality solar panels suitable for the harshest conditions.

Semi-flexible high-end solar modules with integrated aluminium plate and powerful ActiveWire solar cells for diffuse light conditions – perfect for demanding applications in the marine sector.

More information about marine solar panels

These marine quality panels are suitable for all yacht and boat applications. They can also be used on off-shore platforms, buoys and life-rafts.

  • Solar cells with ActiveWire electrodes
  • Unique 19 busbar mesh design
  • Textured ETFE coating
  • Higher stability due to integrated aluminium plate
  • Connection cable 2 metres
  • Sea water resistant, weatherproof

Fully encapsulated with an extremely resistant protective film on the front and back. They can be walked on when mounted on a firm solid surface.

Active Wire technology shortens the distances between the wires, thus minimising electrical losses and increasing the current flow. If a cell break occurs, the effect remains locally limited. This innovative conductor braiding guarantees a high level of failure safety for the module. Due to the thinner wires, more light is also captured than with conventional surface contacts and partial shading is minimised. This design maximises the energy yield – even in weak and diffuse light conditions.

Super thin. Ideally suited for mounting on decks with slightly curved surfaces. Suitable for glued mounting to a deck or wheel-house.

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