A-J215 Adhesive for Mounting Solar Panels. White.


A-J215 is a super-strong adhesive for attaching all kind of solar panel, semi-flexible, marine or rigid framed. It is one of the most suitable adhesives for securing solar panels to your motorhome, boat, yacht or caravan.

Also available in black.

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Adhesive for solar panels. A-J215. White.

A-J215 – 290ml cartridge in white. Adhesive for solar panels. High performance construction adhesive for attaching flexible solar panels and solar panel mounting feet.

A-J215 is a one-component elastic adhesive based on silane-modified polymers that provides excellent adhesion to most metals, thermoplastics, composites and other common substrates used in commercial vehicle construction.

Fast curing, highly flexible, solvent and isocyanate free, and low volatile organic compound (VOC) content. Developed for sealing and bonding in commercial vehicle assembly, it is the ideal solution for our PVC solar panel mounting feet, or for attaching flexible solar modules.

As a special feature, no activator or primer is required. The special chemistry enables reliable and resistant bonding.

A-J215 has the following features:

  • 1-component
  • elastic
  • fast curing
  • highly flexible
  • free of solvents and isocyanates
  • low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • color: white

L&L Products worked on the development of an A-J215 elastomeric adhesive used by one of the world’s leading bus manufacturers to bond and seal FRP, stainless steel and aluminum applications. For many years, the major bus manufacturer has used a conventional elastic polyurethane adhesive to bond and seal the side, roof and front/rear panels of its bus models. Before applying the adhesive, each substrate had to be cleaned and primed with a special pretreatment system. These adhesives, cleaners and primers all contained hazardous materials, including solvents and/or isocyanates. The newly developed A-J215 adhesive is free of solvents and isocyanates.

This is the ideal adhesive for solar panels.

Do I need a primer or activator?
No, the special composition makes a primer or activator unnecessary.

Does the surface need to be prepared?
We advise cleaning the surface to be bonded thoroughly beforehand (e.g. with white spirit) to remove dirt and grease residues.


Also available in black.

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