Dual Battery Solar Charge Controller. 15 Amps. 240 Watts. DB2E


Dual battery charge controller. Charge your leisure battery and your engine battery with one solar panel

Prolong battery life with SunWorks precision Duo technology

New ‘Winter’ mode. Automatically prevents either battery from discharging during long storage periods

Protects both leisure and engine batteries from overcharge

Bright LEDs indicate the solar panel current and both battery charge states

Fully automatic. For all 12 volt battery systems.


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Dual Battery Charge Controller for solar panels. SunWorks DB2E

Dual battery charge controller for motorhomes, sailing yachts and narrowboats. For solar panels up to 15 amps (240 watts).

  • Optimal charging of both engine and leisure batteries, from one solar panel.
  • Prolongs battery life through SunWorks enhanced pulsed charge system
  • Proven high reliability. Five year guarantee
  • Intelligent 3-stage charging:
    • ‘Boost’ mode to take full advantage of the available sunlight
    • ‘Absorption’ mode to maximise charge levels, and prolong battery life
    • ‘Float’ mode to maintain the batteries once they are fully charged
  • Specially designed for motorhomes and boats
  • Includes our new ‘Winter’ mode. Winter mode automatically prevents either battery from discharge in low-light conditions:
    • Great for motorhomes and boats stored for long periods. Especially those with active alarm systems
  • Fully automatic.  No setting up routine
  • LED indicators for solar panel current and each battery charge state
  • Robust, compact design built for very long life and zero maintenance
  • Can accept solar panels of up to 240 watts, 15 amps
  • Suitable for all 12 Volt leisure and engine batteries. Liquid or gel types

SunWorks solar panels that suit the DB2E dual battery solar charge controller:

We can supply rigid aluminium-framed panels, semi-flexible panels and marine grade solar panels. For example:

Installation information for use with a dual battery charge controller:

Each controller comes with complete illustrated instructions. Here are the basics:

  • The controller is mounted inside the boat or motorhome close to either the engine or leisure/domestic battery.
  • A 2-wire cable must pass through the roof or deck to connect the controller to the solar panel.
  • A 2-wire cable must connect the controller to each of the two batteries via a suitable fuse.

Typical connections for a motorhome:

Typical connections for a boat:


Below we list some useful accessories that will ease the installation of your solar panel system.

Wiring accessories:

To help install this dual battery solar charge controller on your motorhome or boat, we recommend the following items:

Other useful accessories:

To make a secure and watertight connection through the roof of your motorhome or the deck of your boat:

If you need any further help or advice concerning this product, please do not hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

Additional information

Shipping Weight 0.4 kg


Maximum solar panel current

15 Amps

Maximum solar panel power

240 Watts

Battery operating voltage (nominal)

12 Volts


150 x 65 x 25 mm


Dark grey

Controller weight

130 grams

Charge modes

Boost (bulk), Absorption (PWM), Float (PWM), Winter

Recommended wire type

2.5 mm sq. automotive cable

Connection type

Screw terminals

Solar panel maximum Voc

35 volts

Operating temperature

-15 degC to +50 degC

Storage temperature

-25degC to +60degC

Environmental protection



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