Solar Panel Charge Controllers. Dual Battery

SunWorks dual battery charge controllers. For camper-vans, motorhomes and boats.

A SunWorks dual battery charge controller will enable you to charge both your engine and leisure batteries, from one solar panel.

Why fit a dual battery charge controller? More info:

Get the best performance from your solar panel by using a dual battery charge controller. Charging the engine battery as well as the leisure battery uses power which would otherwise be wasted.

SunWorks Precision DuoPWM technology protects and enhances the life of your batteries. Both your batteries will be optimally charged. Both your batteries will last much longer.

SunWorks dual battery charge controllers have a special ‘winter’ mode. Winter mode ensures both batteries are charged equally during periods of low light. So after the winter storage period, your batteries will be in better condition.

Which dual battery controller should I use?

If you need an LCD display choose from the 11 amps DB1C, or the 15 amps DB2C.

Both models have a clear LCD  display and are available in black or light grey.

Our economically price DB2E model uses the same precision technology.

SunWorks produced the World first dual battery charge controller. Since then we have been constantly improving our controllers.

If you need any help regarding the correct solar panel charge controller, please do not hesitate to call.

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