100 Watts Semi-Flexible Solar Panel. ETFE+ALU. Premium


These premium semi flexible solar panels are manufactured in Germany to the most robust standard. Applications include boats, motorhomes and caravans.

Monocrystalline solar cells with ActiveWire electrodes. Improved flow of power through the unique 19 busbar mesh design.

Higher stability thanks to the integrated aluminium plate

Seawater resistant, weather resistant
Dimensions: 970 x 520 x 4 mm. Weighs only 3.1 Kgs.

Flexible to 10%. Follows the contours of your roof or deck

Stunning dark grey colour from edge to edge

Ten year performance guarantee. Two year standard guarantee

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Marine flexible solar panel. For boats, motorhomes or caravans. 100 Watts.

High-tech marine flexible solar panel using the latest ActiveWire mesh technology. The Active-Wire mesh shortens the distances between the conductors of the solar cells, minimising electrical losses and increasing the flow of current. If a cell ever gets damaged, the other cells will continue to work.

The innovative conductor network has 19 inter-connecting busbars. Conventional monocrystalline modules only have 5 busbars. The extra busbars guarantee a much higher degree of reliability.

Thanks to the thinner wires, more light is captured than with conventional surface contacts and partial shading is minimised. This construction maximises the energy yield – even in weak and diffused light conditions.

Tough, structured ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene) surface coating. High corrosion resistance and strength.

Integrated aluminium plate. Suitable for marine use. Can be walked on when bonded to a solid surface.

Very high sunlight conversion, lightweight and tough. The best semi-flexible panel on the market.

Thanks to its flexibility, the panel can adapt easily to many curved surfaces. Applications include sailing yachts, motorhomes and caravans.
The connection block is on the front so the entire underside surface can be securely bonded to the roof or deck.
If required, the cable can be passed directly through the panel and deck using the hole provided. Alternatively the cable can be passed through a roof/deck gland.  The connection cable is 2 meters long.

Mounting Accessories:

To mount this marine flexible solar panel on a roof or deck, we recommend the following:

Suitable SunWorks solar panel charge controllers:

solar charge controller with lcd

Other Accessories:

To make a secure and watertight connection through a roof or deck:

To simplify the electrical connections to your battery and charge controller:

For more information about using solar panels on your motorhome, boat or caravan, please download one our free guides. See our homepage for more details.

Additional information

Shipping Weight 7 kg
Shipping Dimensions 110 × 58 × 3 cm
Maximum power at STC (Wp)

100 Watts

Current at maximum power (Imp)

5.31 Amps

Voltage at maximum power (Vmp)

18.0 Volts

Open-circuit voltage (Voc)

20.9 Volts

Short circuit current (Isc)

5.68 Amps

Panel dimensions

970mm x 520mm x 4mm

Cell type

Active Wire Monocrystalline

Operating temperature

-40 degC to +85 degC

Panel background colour

Dark Grey


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