Semi flexible solar panels

Semi flexible solar panels for narrowboats and canal boats

Our range of semi flexible solar panels specially designed to fit to the cabin top or deck of your boat.

Semi flexible solar panels for narrowboats and canal boats. Click here for our selection guide...

Two ranges of semi-flexible solar panels.

SunWorks has two ranges of semi-flexible solar panels. Both types feature an abrasion resistant ETFE surface and an encapsulated aluminium  backplate for long term stability.

The Premium range also uses a mesh-contact system for extra reliability in the toughest of conditions. These German built panels are a stunning dark grey colour from edge to edge blending in well with darker coloured decks. They can also be walked on with soft shoes if mounted correctly.

High performance and reliability is guaranteed from all our panels.

What size of solar panel should I choose?

Choose a 50 watt panel if you simply want to keep your battery topped up ready for the next trip.

A 100 watt panel will provide extra power when you are away on your boat.

We recommend using two or more 100 watt panels if you want to become independent of generator power. Panels that are connected together work as one large panel.

How do I fit the solar panel?

These panels are quick and easy to attach to the deck or cabin top of your boat. Simply bend the panel to the shape of the deck and glue it in place. Use Sikaflex 252i adhesive to attach the panel. This is the best adhesive and ensures a safe and secure installation.

Then take the cable through the deck or cabin top via a watertight deck gland. Fit a suitable charge controller. Finally, connect the cable to your battery via a fuse.

These panels are also ideal for attaching to other curved surfaces such as wheelhouse tops, bimini tops, and sprayhoods. Use Velco or elastic cords.

Our semi flexible panels are very lightweight. You can use them as portable solar panels and plug them in when needed.

You may also like to consider our semi-flexible solar panel kits. These kits provide you with carefully matched solar panels, charge controller and cables.

How to get the best from your solar panel.

Because you want your solar panel to perform as well as possible, you should use a high quality charge controller. A good charge controller will protect your battery from overcharging. It will also ensure that the maximum charge goes into your battery.

If you use a dual battery controller you will be able to charge the engine battery as well as the leisure battery, from the same solar panel.

SunWorks solar panel charge controllers offer the best performance, and the longest battery life. We have been designing and building special charge controllers for all kinds of boat since 2002. Please contact us if you would like to know more, or read our guide on solar panel charge controllers.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect of solar panels for your narrowboat or canal boat.

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