Solar Panel Cable. 4 mm sq. Sold per metre


Solar panel cable. 4 mm sq. Black. Double insulated.

For use on all motorhomes, boats and caravans

Suitable for connecting solar panel systems with MPPT controllers

Sold by the metre



Solar Panel Cable for use on motorhomes, yachts, narrowboats and caravans.

Solar cable, double insulated, 4mmsq, black.

Suitable for solar panel arrays of up to 300 watts.

Sold by the metre.

Please let us know if you need MC4 type connectors fitted to your cable. Fitting is free of charge.

Also available:

Solar panel cable. 6mm sq.

Cable set. Enough for a SINGLE battery systems including cable ties and bases.

Cable set. Enough for a DUAL battery system including cable ties and bases.

Battery connection harness with fuse holder.


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Shipping Weight 0.075 kg

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