Installing a Solar Panel on a Caravan

installing a solar panel on a caravan

Portable solar panel for a caravan.

Two easy ways to fit a solar panel to your caravan.

Installing a solar panel on a caravan is a great way to keep the battery charged up. The solar panel will convert the Sun’s energy into usable electricity and store it away in your battery, ready to use when you need it.

Solar panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes but there are certain types which are best for use with caravans.

Decide first whether to fit a solar panel permanently to the roof of your caravan, or to use a portable solar panel.

installing a solar panel on a caravan

Solar panel on the roof of a caravan.

A portable solar panel is very easy to use.

Simply take it out of its bag, set it up outside, facing the Sun, and clip the cable to your battery. Very simple and efficient.

A portable solar panel can be stored away when not in use. SunWorks portable solar panels are supplied with a heavy duty storage bag.

Fitting a solar panel permanently to the roof of your caravan involves a little extra work.  But once installed, the solar panel will continue to work without any further attention from you.

The installation can be carried out easily by anyone with average DIY skills.

Installing a solar panel on a caravan.

For a permanent installation we recommend that you use a semi-flexible solar panel fixed to the roof of your caravan. We can provide you with step-by-step instructions to help you with the installation.

fixing a solar panel to a caravan

SunWorks semi-flexible solar panel.

Semi-flexible solar panels can be bent slightly to follow the contours of your caravan’s roof. These panels are very light and very thin, so there is no strain on the roof of the caravan. The solar panel is simply glued to the roof of the caravan using Sikaflex 252i adhesive.

The wiring between the solar panel and the battery is straightforward. One cable connects the solar panel to an electronic charge controller, and a second cable connects the charge controller to the battery via a fuse.

The charge controller protects the battery from overcharge, and will increase the life of your battery. It will also tell you how the system is performing.

SunWorks can provide everything you need to install a solar panel on the roof of your caravan. We will guide you through the installation, one step at a time.

PLEASE do not consider using a rigid framed solar panel on the roof of your caravan. 

Caravan roofs are often not strong enough to support a standard solar panel. Standard, rigid framed panels also create a lot windage when travelling and can seriously damage the roof of your caravan. Use only lightweight, thin, semi-flexible panels on the roof of a caravan.

Caravan solar panel kits.

semi-flexible solar panel kit

SunWorks semi-flexible solar panel kits.

The simplest way to ensure that you buy the correct panel and other solar components is to purchase a SunWorks FLEX solar panel kit.
These kits are available in 50 watt, 100 watt and 200 watt sizes. The smaller size will keep your battery topped up ready for your next trip. The larger sizes will provide plenty of power to run a small television, laptop computer, lights, pumps etc..

Our FLEX kits contain a SunWorks high specification monocrystalline,  semi-flexible solar panel. Also included in the kit is a SunWorks PWM charge controller perfectly matched to the solar panel. Cables, connectors and full instructions are also included. The parts in our kits are carefully  chosen to work together.

It is now possible for you to make a professional job of installing a solar panel on the roof of your caravan.

Portable solar panels for caravans.

Portable solar panel

SunWorks 50 watt portable solar panel.

The simplest and quickest way to use a solar panel on your caravan is to buy a portable solar panel. These panels have a fold-out stand that allows you to set the panel up outside the caravan and point it directly at the Sun.

The fold-out stand is fully adjustable, allowing the panel to be tilted up or down. So if the Sun is high in the sky the panel can be tilted upward. Pointing the panel directly at the Sun makes it much more effective.

On a bright sunny day the SunWorks 50 watt panel is capable of powering a small television or laptop computer.

To use the portable solar panel simply take it out of its bag, set it up on the ground outside your caravan facing the Sun, and clip the lead to your battery. That’s it!

Portable solar panel in bag

Portable 50 watt solar in it’s polyester bag.

The solar panel will convert the Suns energy into electricity and charge up your battery.

At the end of the day, unclip the battery and fold away the stand. The solar panel can then be put away in its bag ready for the next day.

The SunWorks fold-out stand is made from robust aluminium extrusions. Built into the back of the panel is a SunWorks PWM charge controller. This charge controller is designed specifically with caravans in mind. It will protect your battery from overcharge whilst ensuring that the battery receives the maximum charge possible.

Please take a look at our caravan solar product pages which have more details.

The SunWorks Guide to Installing Solar Panels on your Caravan is available to download free of charge. Please see the left-hand column on this page.