Kits with semi-flexible solar panels

Semi-flexible solar panel kits for caravans and mobile homes.

The SunWorks range of solar panel kits for caravans. These kits are designed for easy installation on your caravan.

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How easy is it to install solar power on my caravan?

Fixing a solar panel to the roof of a caravan is easy for someone with average DIY skills. Our semi-flexible solar panels can follow the contours of your caravan roof.

Route the cable through the roof using a watertight gland, and connect to the charge controller and battery. You will find full instructions with illustrations in each kit.

Each kit contains a SunWorks semi-flexible solar panel. Also included is the appropriate SunWorks LCD charge controller, and the correct cable with ready fitted connectors.

These kits are the one-stop way to a secure and efficient solar panel installation.

What size kit should I choose?

SunWorks kits range from 50 watts to 200 watts. Choose the 50 watt kit if you simply want to keep your battery ready for the next trip.

The 100 watt kit will provide extra power when you are away on holiday in your caravan.

The 200 watt kit is essential for those of you who want to be free of a mains hook-up.

Recommended accessories for use with your kit:

Sikaflex adhesive. For fixing the solar panel to the roof. One tube needed for each panel.

Watertight roof gland. Takes the cable securely through the roof of your caravan.

Fused battery harness. Makes the connection to your battery safe and easy.
Please contact us if you would like more information about our solar panel kits. We also have a comprehensive installation guide. Available for download on our homepage.

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