Rigid framed solar panels

Sturdy aluminium framed solar panels for motorhomes.

Long lasting and well built monocrystalline solar panels for motorhomes. High build quality, efficiency and great power output. Sturdy profiled aluminium frames, engineered for stability in extreme conditions. Tempered, anti-reflective solar glass for maximum light transmission. We have two ranges of solar panel, ‘Standard’ and ‘Premium’. Designed to appeal to all budgets and requirements.

How to select a solar panel for your motorhome, click here...

Which type of solar panel is best for my motorhome?

There are three types of solar panel suitable for a motorhome:

  1. Rigid aluminium framed solar panels, as seen below. The standard panel type for use on motorhomes. Monocrystalline, compact, yet strong and light. Easy to install and use. Attach to the roof using PVC corner mounts.
  2. Semi flexible solar panels:  Super thin monocrystalline panels. Best where a low-windage installation is required. Semi-flexible panels can be glued to flat or curved roofs. Optimised solar cells manufactured by SunPower (USA). The latest ‘back-contact’ technology. Slightly higher efficiency than standard panels.
  3. Portable solar panels: Useful when you don’t want to fit a solar panel permanently to the roof of the camper-van. No installation necessary. Just clip it to your battery and prop it up outside.


Standard range: 5 year manufacturing. 25 years performance.

Premium range: 10 year manufacturing. 25 years performance.

Fully CE certified.

What size of solar panel do I need?

  1. Trickle/maintenance charging your battery. Trickle charging is achieved using a 50 watt solar panel. Your battery will charge up steadily when not in use, for most of the year.
  2. Want more from your motorhome’s solar panel system? We advise fitting a 100 watt panel. You will benefit from additional power in the summer months and reliable charging during the winter.
  3. Independence from the mains hook-up can be achieved with a solar panel system of 150 watts or over. Great for wild camping. Remember that you can combine two 100 watt solar panels to make a 200 watt system.

For more detailed information, take a look at our guide: “Solar Panels for Motorhomes”. This guide explains how to install your solar panel. How to select the correct cables and accessories is also covered. Make sure you install an efficient, safe and secure system.

All SunWorks panels are fitted with solar cables and MC4 connectors. The connection from your solar panel to your charge controller is easily made by using our ready assembled cables. These and other installation accessories can be seen on our accessories page.

Why buy from SunWorks?

We have examined at a lot of solar panels over the last 30 years. Our current range of top-quality solar panels challenge the solar panel market. The monocrystalline cells in each panel are optimised for charging all 12 volt motorhome battery types. Highly efficient, our technology ensures you will be fitting the most compact and efficient solar panel available.

Carefully built and guaranteed to last.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect of your solar panel system.

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