Solar Panel Charge Controllers. MPPT. Dual battery

MPPT Dual battery solar panel charge controllers for sailing boats and yachts. Made in Germany

The Votronic range of MPPT dual battery charge controllers can be used on all sailing yachts and boats. Built in Germany to the highest standard.

There are several models available catering for all solar panel systems up to 25 amps (430 watts).

  • Optimal charging of lead/acid, AGM, Gel or Lithium batteries
  • Can also charge your engine battery at 1 amp from the same solar panel
  • Up to 30 % extra use of the solar panel through the MPPT (mean power point tracking) system
  • Proven high reliability
  • Intelligent 3-stage charging:
    • ‘Boost’ mode to take full advantage of the available sunlight
    • ‘Absorption’ mode to maximise charge levels, and prolong battery life
    • ‘Float’ mode to maintain the batteries once they are fully charged
  • Fully automatic.  Very simple setup
  • LED indicators show charging, battery level and MPPT function
  • Robust, compact design built for very long life and zero maintenance
  • Optional: Plug-in remote display LCD-Solar-Computer-Display

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  • mppt charge controller

    MPP165 charge controller 10 amps MPPT

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  • motorhome MPPT solar charge controller

    MPP250 charge controller 15 amps MPPT

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  • MPPT solar charge controllers

    MPP430 charge controller 25 amps MPPT

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