Solar Panel Charge Controllers

The heart of your solar panel system.

Our range of solar panel charge controllers meets the demands of motorhome, boat and caravan owners. We have been designing and building specialised charge controllers since 2002. The DB1C was the Worlds first dual battery controller. As with all our controllers, it has been continuously updated to match today’s solar panels. We are constantly striving for the best performance. All our charge controllers carry the SunWorks Five Year Green Guarantee.

Selecting a suitable charge controller.

Why use a SunWorks solar panel charge controller?

Our SB and DB high performance solar panel charge controllers:

  • Protect your batteries from over-charging. It is essential to prevent the solar panel from overcharging your battery.
  • Maximise the charge into your batteries. Get the most from your solar panel.
  • Extend battery life. Batteries are expensive. SunWorks controllers are designed to look after your batteries.
  • Look smart in your motorhome or boat. Hide the cables behind the controller.

How do I select a solar panel charge controller?

  • Choose a single battery controller if you want to charge your leisure battery OR engine battery. The SB1C and SB2C are examples of single battery controllers.
  • If you wish to charge your engine battery and leisure battery the DB1C, DB2E or DB2C are for you. These dual battery controllers will charge both batteries from a single solar panel.

We also have low cost options. These controllers do not have a LCD display but do give the same precise charging performance. They are fitted close to the battery. In some cases a remote display unit can be added later.

Which size of controller will suit my solar panel?

When selecting a controller always choose one with a power rating at least 10% above the power rating of your solar panel. A 100 watt solar panel will therefore need a 110 watt (or greater) charge controller.


  1. I want to charge both engine and leisure batteries from a 100 watt solar panel. So I need a dual battery controller. Select the SunWorks DB1C or DB2E.
  2. I plan to charge only the leisure battery from a 100 watt panel. Therefore a single battery controller will do. Either the SunWorks SB0 or SB1C are suitable.
  3. What is the most economical way to charge my battery from a 140 watt panel? Again, a single battery controller is required. Select the SB1Z.

What is the difference between a charge controller and a charge regulator?

Actually they are the same. They do the same job. We say ‘controller’ when there is an LCD display built-in, but it’s not a hard and fast rule.

Whether you are looking for a controller, or a regulator, speak to us first. We will find the best unit for you.

For help or advice contact us directly. We will be pleased to help.