Five reasons to make your solar panel system “Dual Battery”

Why change to a dual battery charge controller for your solar panel system?

dual battery charge controller

Charge two batteries from one solar panel

Many of you will have already installed a solar panel on your motorhome or boat. But are you getting the most from your investment? Your solar panel will certainly be charging your battery, but what happens when the battery is fully charged?

If installed correctly your charge controller will automatically reduce the power from the solar panel. It’s protecting the battery against overcharging. This is normal, but the reduction in power means your solar panel is wasting energy.

The wasted energy could be used to charge a second battery, such as your engine battery.

Fitting a dual battery charge controller will extract more power from your solar panel.

dual battery charge controller

SunWorks DB1C dual battery charge controller

Here are five good reasons to fit a dual battery charge controller:

  • Get better value from your investment. You do not need to change your solar panel. Simply fit a dual battery charge controller and run an extra cable to your engine battery.
  • Take advantage of the excess current produced by your solar panel. As the first battery becomes fully charged the excess current is diverted to your engine battery keeping your solar panel working for you.
  • Keep your engine battery charged up ready for your next adventure. Reduce engine starting problems.
  • Maintain both your domestic and engine batteries from one solar panel. Keep both your batteries charged up and in good condition.
  • Reduce your costs. The cold winter spell is the time when batteries are most likely to fail. Keeping them both charged up will help protect against early battery failure. See SunWorks ‘Winter mode’ post.

SunWorks DB1C and DB2C charge controllers are designed specifically for use on motorhomes, yachts and narrowboats. Please contact us for further information:

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