Dual battery charging with Winter Mode. No more flat batteries in the Spring.

dual battery charge controllers

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SunWorks dual battery charge controllers with Winter Mode. 

There’s nothing worse in the Spring than to find your engine battery completely dead. You have a solar panel but it prioritises your leisure battery. Your poor engine battery didn’t stand a chance against the cold winter.

You could use your mains-powered charger, or perhaps you have the means to start the engine from the leisure battery?

Either way, your engine battery will be partly or completely damaged and will need replacing sooner rather than later.

You must charge both batteries equally and you can do this from your existing solar panel.

dual battery solar charge controller

SunWorks solar panel dual battery charge controller with Winter mode

Motorhome and boat batteries are often neglected over the winter. Worse, a cold snap can kill a partly discharged battery.

The risk is even greater if an alarm system is fitted. Alarm systems are notorious for draining batteries over the winter.

You can help prevent damage by regularly charging both batteries. In the Spring, both your engine and leisure batteries will then be in much better condition. With regular charging, all your batteries will be ready for immediate use.

SunWorks Winter Mode ensures your engine battery and leisure batteries receive an equal charge in low sunlight conditions. Automatically!

‘Winter mode’ is standard on all SunWorks dual battery charge controllers.

Dual battery winter mode. How does it work?

During normal operation a dual battery charge controller will prioritise your chosen battery (usually the leisure battery) and send surplus charge to your engine battery. This is great when there is lots of sunlight. But when there is only a little sunlight your engine battery will be lucky to receive any charge. SunWorks winter mode starts if either battery falls below a safe level. Both batteries will then receive an equal charge, keeping both batteries in the best condition possible.

Winter mode is supplied as standard on all SunWorks dual battery solar charge controllers.

For example, the SunWorks DB1C Dual Battery Charge Controller is fully automatic and compact. It can handle solar panels up to 11 amps, 170 watts, plenty for the average boat or motorhome.  Winter mode ensures that both batteries are ready to go next Spring.

Need more capacity? Take a look at the SunWorks DB2C. Built into the same tough, compact enclosure, the DB2C can handle solar panels of up to 15 amps, or 240 watts.

Both controllers are easy to install, fully automatic in use, and available in a choice of colours to suit the interior of your motorhome or yacht. Cables enter from the back or from the side, so no more unsightly wiring! Just a clean and professional looking installation.

The unique SunWorks DuoPWM system provides complete protection and the maximum charge in your batteries.

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If you are reasonably competent at DIY, fitting a dual battery controller is straightforward. We do provide full instructions and can help over the phone.