Fitting a solar panel to a motorhome.

Fitting a solar panel to a motorhome.

Two 100 watt panels fitted to a 1965 Citroen HY van.


Fitting a solar panel to a motorhome is very straightforward. It’s a great way to enhance your holiday experience. Solar panels are a reliable source of free energy and will reduce your dependence on mains hookups.

So how do you start? What items do you need?

You will need a solar panel, a charge controller and some cable. You will also need one or two other items. We’ll cover those later.

Which solar panel should I choose?

For a motorhome, we recommend you fit a solar panel of at least 50 watts. This will keep your battery in good condition, especially while you are not using the van. To increase your independence of the mains hookup you should consider using a solar panel of at least 100 watts. If you want to run lots of appliances at the same time, consider connecting two 100 watt panels together to make a 200 watt solar panel array.

How to go about fitting a solar panel to a motorhome.

Fitting a solar panel to a motorhome.

SunWorks 200 watt solar panel kit. For charging engine and leisure batteries.

If this is your first time, we recommend that you use a solar panel kit. SunWorks solar panel kits contain the basics for an efficient and reliable installation. These kits also contain step by step, illustrated instructions to guide you through the fitting procedure.

SunWorks kits contain top quality, robust solar panels with a 25 year power output guarantee. These panels are carefully selected and use the latest monocrystalline technology.

Included in each kit is a SunWorks high performance charge controller which ensures the maximum charge to your battery. The charge controller will also protect the battery from overcharging and subsequent damage. Your battery will last much longer.

These kits also contain the correct cables for your installation.

What else do I need?

If you are comfortable with choosing all the components for your solar panel system, feel free to browse through our wide range of solar panels and accessories. Otherwise….

fitting a solar panel to a motorhome.

PVC solar panel mounts. 20 year guarantee.

fitting a solar panel to a motorhome

Fused battery harness.

fitting a solar panel to a motorhome

Watertight cable gland.

You must allow a small gap underneath the solar panel to allow air to circulate. This is easily done using SunWorks PVC solar panel mounts.

To lead the cable securely through the roof of your motorhome, use a SunWorks roof cable gland.

The connection to your battery must be fused correctly. Use a SunWorks fused battery harness to make the job easy.

A tube of Sikaflex 252i adhesive will ensure that your PVC mounts and roof gland are very securely attached to the roof of your motorhome. Sikaflex 252i is extremely strong and weatherproof.

And finally, use a few ties to secure the cables both externally and internally.

fitting a solar panel to a motorhome

Weatherproof cable tie.

fitting a solar panel to a motorhome

Cable ties for inside.

sikaflex 252i

Sikaflex. Weatherproof and reliable

Can I charge my engine battery and my leisure battery from one solar panel?

fitting a solar panel

DB1C dual battery controller

Of course! SunWorks DB1C, DB2C and DB2E  charge controllers are specifically designed for the control of solar panels on motorhomes. They are stylish, efficient and will charge both your engine and leisure batteries from the same solar panel.

These dual battery charge controllers are also included in the SunWorks Dual Battery kits. For example, the 100-DUO kit contains a 100 watt rigid solar panel and a matching SunWorks DB1C charge controller.

We also supply MPPT charge controllers made by top German manufacturers. Single battery and dual battery controller are available from our range.

Can I add another solar panel to my motorhome?

In most cases it is a straightforward matter to add another solar panel to a motorhome. Have a look at our guide: Adding another solar panel to a motorhome or boat.

Fitting a solar panel to a motorhome. Professional installations.

If you are considering asking a professional installer about fitting a solar panel to a motorhome, please contact Rhino Installs. This company can be relied on for an efficient and competitively priced service.

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