Solar Panel Charge Controllers. High Power

High performance narrowboat and canal boat charge controllers

SunWorks Z-Series charge controllers combine top performance with sturdy build quality.

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SunWorks Z-Series solar panel charge controllers will optimise the charge from your solar panel and protect your battery from overcharge.

Operation is fully automatic. The small sizes mean these controllers can be fitted close to your battery, for optimal charging and protection.

Five models are available:

The SB1Z is rated at 170 watts.
The SB2Z is rated at 240 watts.
The SB3Z is rated at 320 watts.
The SB4Z is rated at 480 watts.
The SB4ZA is also rated at 480 watts. It features an automatic load disconnect feature. Useful for more complex installations where appliances must be switched off when the battery charge runs very low.

All the Z-series range can be connected to the SunWorks remote display unit, available separately. This attractive unit will show how much current is flowing into your battery and how the charge level is progressing.

SunWorks charge controllers are purpose designed to work with all 12 volt battery types. Installation is straightforward for a DIY enthusiast.

We have been building solar panel charge controllers since 2002. There are many SunWorks controllers still in operation from that time. Reliability is guaranteed.

Please contact us if you have any queries about these controllers. We are always happy to assist.

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